I hope all would agree with me that there is a need to understand the world- empathetically. And the world I am talking about here is the professional world we live in and toil day and night to make our young ones job ready from day one!!

It’s an old pattern where we have seen children growing into candidates and yearning for jobs and not careers though!! Some fall short of confidence, some of expression which is not much taken care of during schooling when the goal is to score just marks.

On the top of that when parental demands, peer pressure and worldly competition plays its role, the situation worsens for the timid souls.

Thus keeping all this in mind and with a vision to ENGAGE, ENCOURAGE AND ENLIGHTEN every child - whom we will later meet as candidates @ IRROS - our team has worked hard since last 3 years (starting 2017) and have finally come up with a unique #KID_TO_CANDIDATE platform - #KUKDOOTM where we strive to listen, help, motivate and encourage students to allow themselves to explore knowledge and information anytime and many times before reaching to career making decisions!!

IRROS has empanelled with various instructors and Learning Facilitators who work with kids and teenagers to bring out their best hidden talents.

• Motivational Cheering and Memory Training
• Handwriting Improvement
• Counseling Psychologist and Special Educators
• Remedial Teaching

With #Kukdoo, IRROS has come up with its own well researched and conceptualized pocket-friendly educational products and tools that would support a concerned parent’s effort for their child’s academic and mental wellbeing simultaneously.

#Kukdoo Reading Nook

Reach us for a collection of preloved and new children books, stories, encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc that one can easily buy from us. Creating a world of books at home is good for your child’s future!

#Kukdoo MAG Kits

specially designed for rigorous practice of concepts taught in primary.These are handwritten worksheets tailor made to suit the curriculum needs with emphasis on actual learning needs of a child during these years.

#KUKDOO Open Discussion Forum

Discussions always help and this is a proven fact! This is our one of a kind forum where parents are invited to have an open discussion on a common platform regarding the academic or personality/behavioral concerns of their children. It is based on the belief that when things are discussed openly, you get some results. The forum is headed by a Professional Child Counselor Psychologist and parents can get valuable tips and other information in very pocket friendly set up.

The MomDad Report Card Tool

A concept visualized and created by me for parents to establish any lost connection with their kids. Use this tool and you come to know where you stand!! Its easy to judge kids and their marks. Now it’s your turn!!

#Kukdoo for Moms

One to one discussions, motivation, workshops and consultation for homemakers yearning for their Visual Identity!! So, if you know a next-door-mom who wants to start fresh with her professional innings, bring her to us for a consulting session and we will guide her. Get in touch for more.

Let’s Technologize our Senior Citizens: Many times we see our elders are unable to operate phones especially the smart phones.But the way, the phones are crucial for us, the same way they are for our elders too.They too require them to play games when nobody is around, to pay bills when nobody is around, to call someone when nobody is around and to stay connected to Facebook when nobody is around!!

Thanks for visiting and reading about my effort. Contact me on on sejal@irrosconsultants.com if you wish to be a part of this platform/ need help from any of the Facilitator/wish to be a Facilitator with #Kukdoo.