Why Counselling

Why Counseling?

Team IRROS Consultants has been providing job assistance service since 2013 to a variety of sectors of the economy namely Banking, Medical, Publishing, Study Abroad, IT , BPO, KPO and more.

Running IRROS and appreciating and respecting decisions what our clients and candidates made during this journey caught our eyes on some need of the hour concerns of young professionals who meet us as candidates post their schooling years yearning for jobs and not a CAREER! TEAM IRROS realized that there was a huge gap that needed to be filled and thus we took action!

Sejal Sehgal, founder IRROS Consultants has always strived to serve as a true guide to the students and career-minded individuals who approached her during her journey as a Career Consultant. Thus, in order to better guide them and enhance her skills and knowledge as an Educational cum Career Guide and Consultant, she opted for completing Certification in Global Career Counseling from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA Extension) in 2019 and also did a Green Belt Certification from Global Career Counseling from Univariety, Singapore. ( Please put this text in a separate box)

An independent Recruitment Consultant since last 10 years, Sejal now combines her experience in recruitment, counseling and HER empathetic beliefs for consistently enhancing a student’s evolution from a “Kid to Candidate” and strives to impart an understanding in her counseled students (and even parents sometimes) or candidates to differentiate between a job and a career and make a wise decision for the long term.

And as we all know that in India students are under immense stress related to examinations resulting out of peer pressure wherein students are forced to perform beyond their limits. Thus, students who take Counseling advice gain an understanding of the appropriate direction and become well aware of what they want to do in life. Rather than pushing the students to their limits, it is vital to make them understand the importance of education and guide them to pursue it.

Services provided with this aim are:

Access to Technology-cum-Exploration Tool : IRROS wishes to deliver valuable Counseling and Guidance assistance to students to make wise and informed decisions by exploring and discovering about new courses, colleges worldwide and different career options through our newly embedded “Technology-cum-Exploration Tool”. Free for all upon our 2 step-verification process!!

Profile Evaluation: a student furnishes his/her details ,extra curricular activities, preferences, interests and even dream career plans on the Exploration Tool as talked above, the Counselor and the team evaluate their profile and share valuable inputs, recommendations, resolve any doubts, etc. This service is brief assessment-cum-analysis based discussion with the Career Counselor based on the student input for 15- 30 minutes at a nominal fee of Rs 250.

Counseling: IRROS suggests students from class 8th onwards should be encouraged to meet a Counselor at regular intervals. This is something though not very much prevalent in our society, but if followed wisely can provide students with timely support in setting their educational goals leading to brilliant achievements in their stream selection after 10th and colleges and careers after their 12th class respectively. Talk to our team @ 9717670184 for booking your monthly/quarterly sessions now!! Single Session @ Rs 500 for 45 minutes-60 minutes.

Psychometric Tests: Students/Freshers/Professionals can opt for a variety of Psychometric Assessments with us. These tests are equivalent to a diagnostic tool used by Career Counselors for providing career guidance. These tests help fetch a clearer outlook taking into consideration an individual's personality, interests, passions, likes and dislikes and career-related goals. IRROS' platform provides a variety of tests that student/fresher/working professionals can perform and get information about their skills and capabilities and career consequently:

• Stream Selector Test
• Humanities Career Selector
• Commerce Career Selector
• Engineering Career Selector
• Ideal Career Test
• Multiple Intelligence Test
• Personality Assessment Test
• Learning Style Assessment

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